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  • Addicted to love
    And became addicted to your voice
    And became addicted to perfume
    And became addicted to staying with you
    Then I open my eyes to the absence
    Is to meet you in the midst of life
    And strips with you the most beautiful love story
    Live details and rituals
    The dream of a better tomorrow
    Then the story ends in tragedy
    Is that you open the cities of my dreams
    I live with you in the Palace of Fantasy
    Then he collapses on the head Minors
    Obi is that I am in your heart
    And fill your bags Payam
    I put my happiness in your eyes
    And then waving to you deposited in me squint Guo
    Is to become as the days my eyes I see the
    And an antenna, which Otnevsh
    And blood that I live by
    Then when you leave Onzvk at once

    To be realized after the dream
    And meet you after أمنيه
    And come after waiting
    After much research and find you
    Wake up to the earthquake and you leave
    To shut my eyes Vorak
    And stand before the mirror Vorak
    And hinted Hdayak Vorak
    And read your messages Vorak
    When I do not see a realistic
    To collect the remains behind
    And paint your face in the ceiling of my room
    Ohaurk and every night like crazy
    Backpacker and the most to you when nostalgia
    And go to bed
    Last night and Vobkik Obkik
    That the coming holiday and I am alone
    And come spring and I am alone
    And rain and I am alone
    And knock on my door and nostalgia I am alone
    And that goes for my age and I am alone l

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